Thursday, September 2, 2010

packing, packing, packing

so, this is what our house looks like right now. this week has soley consisted of: sleep, work, eat, and pack. it all happened so fast. i didn't really have a moment to sit down and look around our house and reminise about our memories here... before we knew it, we were throwing stuff in boxes, taking down decorations, and now the house looks so bare. it's kinda sad. we lived in this place for about a year and a half. lots of big moments of our lives took place while living here: we got engaged and we got MARRIED while living here. along with lots of other little memories. but while it is nostalgic, we are so so so happy to be moving. we made this place as homey as possible, but it was still a 2nd floor apartment in the middle of the city. so we are more than ready to make our new place even more homey and wonderful, living in the suburbs!

ps - i think packing/moving makes you crazy... sometimes you just need to take a break from all the packing and drink a 40 with your husband to ease your mind... at least that's what works for us! ;)
so in other awesome news, we are going to visit lee & jess (my brother & his fiancé/my best friend) in dc this weekend!! we are so so excited! we can't wait to see their new place (they just moved into an awesome townhouse!) and have lots and lots of fun! tomorrow, i'm working a half day, then we are heading down to dc and staying until monday morning. then we are hurrying back to pittsburgh to start the big bad moving day!

in other words... this weekend is going to be AWESOME!

hope you are all doing well
and have lots of fun things to look forward to this weekend!
that's all for now!


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