Thursday, June 24, 2010

hilton head island getaway - part 1!

let's talk about how it took me 2 1/2 MONTHS to get my hilton head vacation posts up... oops

back in APRIL, i told you guys how brett & i were going on vacation to hilton head. like i mentioned in that post, back in february brett and i decided to plan a little beach roadtrip to beat the winter blues. we decided to go to hilton head island, which we had fallen in love with when we went there in the summer of 2008, on a really great offer. well, we were offered the same deal again this time around and couldn't refuse. so naturally, i made a countdown on my calendar and april 7th was finally here! and well, 2 1/2 months later, here is my little photo recap of our amazing trip!

you are about to embark on an overload of photos...

day 1
wednesday, april 7, 2010

{west virginia was actually very pretty!}

pretty uneventful day, but the start of our travels!
worked all day
brett picked me up, jumped in the car on 5th ave, on the road!
drove through pennsylvania
drove through west virginia - so green!
(at the bfs gas station, i saw a 40 bottle of bud light lime & laughed)
drove through virginia
drove through north carolina
(gas station, then denny's for dinner - it was the only thing open at midnight...)
finally got to south carolina
stayed at a little days inn hotel and rested up!

day 2
thursday, april 8, 2010

{woke up to a gorgeous sunrise}

{brett ready to head to hhi!}

{coffee in hand, me ready to head to the beach!}

{finally made it to hilton head & it's GORGEOUS!}

{beach & sunshine, i looove you!}

{bucket of beers for 2 people... don't judge!}

{relaxing poolside}

{me with beer, beach, and sun = happy babe!}

{loved the signage at the resort}

{walking to dinner, looks like a storms comin... but awesome looking sky!}

{tons of alligators on hilton head island... watch out!}

{that's my happy handsome fiancé!}

{mellow mushroom - awesome pizza!}

in south carolina
woke up at the days inn & had complimentary breakfast
then on the road, with me driving :)
(only one minor almost incident with a large semi-truck...)
stopped at a gas station, first sighting of palm trees!
finally arrived on hilton head island!
checked in at the holiday inn oceanfront hotel
(yay, our room was ready early!)
poured some beers & walked around the resort & down to the beach
walked over to the coligny plaza shopping center
steamers for lunch and a bucket of 6 coronas with limes
(hey, we were on vacation! don't judge!)
back to the hotel
relaxed on the beach and by the pool
(listened to the pool bar band in the background)
back to the room to shower & get ready for the night
walked to mellow mushroom for dinner
(awesome pizza & awesome atmosphere!)
walked back to hotel & got caught in a bit of a rain storm
walked to big bamboo bar for a beer
(very cool bar - jimmy buffet cover band was playing)
after 1 beer, we realized we were exhausted
so we headed back to the hotel to catch some zzz's

day 3
friday, april 9, 2010

{coffee, i looooove you!}

{brett... coffee & iphone = happiness}

{dance party in the car!}

{our marriott villa!!}

{marriott resort right on the beach}

{i love the beach so much}

{beach + fiancé = life is good}

{awesome swings at our resort}

{beachside cabanas, now this is the life}

{the water was a bit cold!}

{biking on the beach! one of my fave things!!}
{mom, you'd be in heaven!}

{there's brett!}

{sunset bike ride... :)}


{white sangria? don't mind if i dooo}

{brett's specialty margarita's!}

woke up and packed/packed up the car
(to head to our next (and much better) accommodations)
checked out of the days inn hotel
walk to coligny plaza shopping center
java joe's for coffee
did a little shopping
(thanks for letting me shop, babe!)
hopped in the car, drove down the road to the marriot's barony beach resort
(and had a dance party in car on the way)
checked in
(our room was ready early again, score!)
unpacked & marveled at the amazingness that our villa was
went down to rent bikes at our resort
biked around the resort & down to the ocean
(the sand is hard at hhi, so you can ride bikes ON the beach & it is AMAZING!)
for lunch, we grilled out on one of the resort grills
spent the afternoon relaxing & hanging out in the cabanas around the pool
took a dip in the pools & hot tubs & just relaxed (!!!)
when it was getting close to dinnertime, we headed back to our villa
showered & got ready for dinner
drove to carrabba's for dinner
(we were going to ride bikes to dinner,
but the streets were so dark!
they don't have many street lights on hhi.
ps - dinner was amazing)
ran to bi-lo for some late night grocery shopping
got back to our villa, made some margaritas, & headed for the hot tub!
eventually, we retired back to our villa for a great nights sleep

that's it for hilton head island getaway - part 1!
here comes part 2!


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