Thursday, June 17, 2010

dear little blog...

dear my little bloggy,

i'm sorry i haven't updated you a lot in the past couple weeks. i am currently intertwined in crazy chaos... but loving it!

life is getting a lot busier as august 7th (our wedding) gets closer and closer. suddenly, i have a million things to do every day. but instead of stressing about everything, i'm trying my best to step back and take it all in as it happens. i know august will be here in a snap.

we've been so busy! lots of wedding stuff happening lately since we're in the home stretch now: had my bridal shower with my amazing bridesmaids and family (!!!), made and sent invitations, ordered wedding rings, researching flowers, honeymoon planning, diy projects, etc etc etc! but definitely all fun stuff! 1 1/2 months to go... bring it on!

in non-wedding news, june has been packed with fun stuff: we went to the avett brothers concert (so fun!), made it downtown to 4 nights of the three rivers arts fest, attended many graduation parties, and pretty much have been just soaking in the summer weather as much as possible.

all in all,

p.s. i promise to not neglect you any more little blog! :)

ps.s. check out my 365 photo project blog - i update with a photo every day :)


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