Thursday, June 24, 2010

hilton head island getaway - part 2!

if you've been following along, i just posted part 1 of our hilton head island getaway!
now, onto part 2!

day 4
saturday, april 10, 2010

{breakfast on the balcony overlooking the resort = perfection}

{there are the coolest trees in hilton head}

{this tree is famous}

{harbourtown lighthouse!}

{harbourtown is the cutest little town}

{sighhh, i love it here}

{brett at the top of the lighthouse!}

{we did it!}

{whoooa mama, not getting too close to that guy!}

{awesome tall trees}

{when asking the bartender for a bud light lime...
this is what he gave me! ha!}

{salty dog cafe, very popular in hilton head}

woke up & made breakfast
ate breakfast & drank coffee on our amazing balcony
headed out for a bike riding adventure!
biked on the beach, through the sea pines, & to the harbourtown lighthouse
walked around harbourtown, taking pictures & enjoying the view
climbed to the top of the lighthouse
(this is the only lighthouse i've ever been up! & this was my second time)
biked back to our villa
(which ended up taking a couple HOURSE... we got lost)
ate some lunch
(leftover carrabba's mmm)
relaxed in the cabanas by the pool after the unexpectedly long bike ride
hung out in hot tub & napped in a lounge chair
headed back up to our villa to shower & get ready for dinner
drove to the sea pines - south beach marina
had some beers at the bar outside on the docks while we waited for our table
(i got a "budlight lime" hahaha)
salty dog cafe for dinner
(i got the mahi mahi & it was delish!)
after dinner, we headed back to our villa
walked down to beach, layed in the sand, looked at stars, & chatted :)
swung on resort swings
(and heard cats fighting, weird!)
finally back up to our villa to sleep our last sleep in our lovely villa bed

day 5
sunday, april 11, 2010

{can't get enough breakfast on the balcony}

{mimosas at 9am? hey, we're on vacation!}

{feet in the sand...}

{our amaaaazing resort!}

{doesn't get much better than this}

{barnacle bill's - home of THE BEST seafood i have EVER had in my entire life}

{biking on the beach = bliss}

{sunset picnic! brett's idea :)}

{love him :)}


{check out my studly fiancé!}


{can't get enough of this}

{amazing dinner}


{our villa!}

woke up & made breakfast
ate on the balcony & drank mimosas
(hey, we're on vacation!)
headed down to the beach to relax
back to our villa
grilled some lunch in the resort's grilling area
back to the villa to get ready for a sales presentation
drove to marriott's surf watch resort for a sales presentation
(we didn't buy! obvs!)
barnable bill's fresh seafood market to pick up local shrimp and red snapper for dinner
(most amazing seafood i've ever had!!)
back to our villa
played shuffle board at the resort and drank margaritas
headed back to our villa
biked to the beach, but it was high tide so we couldn't ride anywhere
so instead, brett had the great idea of a picnic!
a picnic on the beach at sunset with wine & cheese/crackers
(amazing and beautiful)
back to our villa to shower & get ready
cooked dinner IN tonight at the villa & drank champagne
(it was perfect)
walked down to the beach, laid in the sand, & watched the stars
eventually headed back to the villa for our last sleep in our amazing marriott king bed

day 6
monday, april 12, 2010

{last day of biking on the beach}

{i love cruiser bikes!}

{one last relaxing rest in the cabana}

{for real? i could live here...}

{birdie friend on the back of my chair at lunch!}

{pretty sunset on the drive home...}

woke up & had some quick bagels for breakfast
packed up the villa & the car
checked out of our villa
biked one last time on the beach & collected some awesome sea shells
relaxed one last time in the cabanas
returned our rented bikes :(
(i wanted to keep it...)
got in the car & drove to some shops and coligny plaza
ate lunch at steamers
(same place we ate our lunch on the first day, so good!)
a birdie came & hung out on my chair!
walked around the shops
got some tasty ice cream at frozen moo
walked to the beach one last time to day byebye to the ocean
got in car & on the road for the long drive home
i drove the first leg of the trip
(while we passed the time with brett reading me tweets)
rest stop for a bathroom break
drove through north carolina
pizza hut for dinner in statesville, nc
truck stop for gas and water
(there are always such weirdos at truck stops...)
rest stop for another bathroom break in west virginia
finally made it back to pittsburgh and home to our apartment...
and immediate zzz's!

so that's our hilton head island getaway in a nutshell! i realize that this may be of no interest to any of you, but i wanted to write it out mainly for my own enjoyment - so i can look back at it and remember how wonderful of a trip it was! i love hilton head island & we definitely plan on returning in the future!

oh man, writing these posts made me want to be at the beach NOW!!
at least we're heading to CALIFORNIA soon!!! :)

till next time!!
(ps - I GOT THE NEW IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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