Monday, November 25, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Sweet Mexican joint in LA

Checking out the view from the Griffith Observatory

Hey there, itty bitty Hollywood sign

Hi, we are adults

Beer tastings at Eagle Rock Brewery
2nd from the right was my faaavorite!

Seeing the Black Crowes at the Wiltern Theatre!

The Black Crowes (plus Jackie Greene!) rocking out!
Favorite song of the night... the awesome version of Thorn in My Pride, so good!

A little Sunday afternoon biking along the Back Bay

Heyo, Selfie Sunday!

Great weekend full of awesomeness!
And now, only a 3 day work week...
Bring on turkey day!*

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  1. so excited for only 3 days of work this week! really, only 2 left now :)


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