Friday, November 22, 2013


Some random things for your Friday morning...

1.  Tomorrow, Brett and I are heading up to LA to see the Black Crowes play at the Wiltern Theatre.  They are one of our favorite bands and we haven't seen them since 2010!  It's been too long.  Excited!

2.  We actually experienced some rain over the past few days.  Living in California, I almost forgot what rain was.  I miss it (and all the other changes in weather, for that matter...)!

3.  We won't be going home for Thanksgiving.  We so wish we could be back on the East Coast with our families, but flight prices are insane.  So instead we are planning a little road trip for the weekend.  Maybe down to San Diego?  Still trying to decide...

4.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I cannot believe that it's the end of November and we have hit the holiday season already.  It doesn't even feel like the holidays.  All my life, I've associate so many things with the changing weather, and now my brain is just all confused.  Living in California is weird...

5.  We've got some excited changes coming up in the near future, but more on that later... ;)

Happy Weekend!!*


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