Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back Bay Biking

I have always loved biking -- from a leisurely cruise with my mom to a hardcore mountain biking ride with Brett.  And ever since we bought our road bikes, I have become even more obsessed!  The Back Bay trail is by far my favorite out here in California.  From our apartment, we can ride bike trails all the way down to the back bay and straight on towards the ocean.  I finally took some time to stop and snap a few pictures along my ride this past Sunday...

The views are just awesome.  I'll do a 30 mile ride and barely even notice that I'm tired because I get so caught up in the scenery.  Biking, you're the BEST.


  1. what a beauuuutiful bike ride!!!! amazing scenery makes the whole thing better, huh!

  2. Sighhhhhh! You are doing a killer job at soaking up all of CA, you know that? :) Happy weekend!


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