Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spain - Days 1 & 2

This was our view at the airport on the day we left for our Spain vacation.  Yeah... needless to say, Pittsburgh got a horrible snow storm the day after Christmas (aka the day we were flying out of Pittsburgh).  It took us over 2 hours to get to the airport when it should only take about 35 minutes.  The roads were absolutely treacherous (thank you Dad for driving us!!).  Flights were getting delayed and cancelled left and right.  We kept checking the status of our flight, which continued to say "On Time" but I just knew that was bound to change.  We were supposed to fly from Pittsburgh to Philly at 3:30pm and then catch a connecting flight from Philly to Madrid, Spain at 6:30pm.  Well... our flight out of Pittsburgh ended up getting delayed so many times that we didn't land in Philly until about 11:30pm.  Which, obviously, caused us to miss our flight (the ONLY flight that day) to Madrid.  Womp.  At least it wasn't cancelled all together?  Positive thinking, positive thinking...

Basically, we ended up having to stay overnight in Philly and having our itinerary all re-booked for the following day.  But now instead of flying straight to Spain from Philly, we had to fly through Frankfurt, Germany and then onto Spain.  The whole thing was just such a mess, but I'll spare the in depth details.  So after an extra day delayed and a 6 hour time change, we eventually made it to our destination: Barcelona, Spain.  Hallelujah!

At least the Philly hotel we stayed at had cool liberty bell waffles for breakfast...

(And for the record,
all of the mess and stress of getting to Spain
was totally made up for once we were there.
It was incredible!)

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