Monday, December 10, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

Pancakes and waffles for breakfast because no one likes to choose
Decked out in my Christmas decor
On a very important Christmas tree hunt!
Coffee just tastes better in a Santa mug staring at the pretty tree
And red wine can always use a few splashes of Santa
The whole neighborhood is ready for the holidays
Random inventions of macaroni and cheese casserole using mozzarella (Brett's idea)
I wish our house could stay dressed up like this all year round
The outside is even joying in on the fun this year

It was a Christmasy weekend, indeed.

(You may have noticed I am changing up the format/look of my usual "5 Things I Loved About This Weekend".  Sometimes, how can you pick just 5 things?  ;)  Change is good every once in a while.)

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