Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree Adventure 2012

On Saturday, Brett and I trekked out into the country side through the rain for a very important reason.  To find the perfect Christmas tree!!  We wander around the farm, up and down the hills, looking very closely at each tree until the most beautiful one was staring us in the face.  We took her home and dressed her all up.  And now she happily brightens up our living room for all the world neighbors to see.

And now for some cheeeese...

Want to see some more cheese?
Check out our Christmas tree videos from 2010 & 2011.

Merriest Christmas!!*

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  1. Great photos!!! I really liked the two of you together in the mountains, the ham one of Brett being himself, and the Christmas blurry light ones.

    I won't be home for Christmas, working instead through the holidays at the Ritz-Carlton in Avon, CO.
    Happy times to you both!! Love you :O


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