Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Happy first day of Spring!!

I feel like Winter kind of just snuck by... it was one of the mildest Winters we've had in a long time (not complaining!).  Regardless, I'm so happy that Spring is officially here!  That means that Summer is not far off! 

Some things I'm looking forward to this Spring:

...warm, beautiful weather...
...getting back into mountain biking season...
...iced coffee...
...running outside...
...driving with the windows down & the music up...
...late nights relaxing on the back porch...
...lots of concerts on the way...
...our mini getaway road trip at the end of April...
...weekends spent entirely outside...
...opening the windows & feeling the warm breeze throughout the house...
...getting to start work on our yard & plant a garden...
...lots & lots of camping...
...my birthday...
...my much needed hair appointment tonight...

Oh, I'm excited just thinking about all these fun things!
What are YOU looking forward to this Spring?!*


  1. aaaaah spring! I'm so glad it's here...even if winter was mild, seeing trees in bloom and not having to be bundled up is the best. feeling. ever! I'm looking forward to cook outs and gardening at our new house and evening walks getting acquainted with our new neighborhood and neighbors!

    1. Ohh I totally agree!! Really looking forward to cook outs too! And we are looking forward to getting to know our new neighbors too! We moved in in the Winter, so everyone was bundled up inside - But now that the weather is nice, we can start meeting more people!

  2. aaamen to all these spring happies! i'm ready to plant pretty flowers, my fav!

    1. Me too! I've been mentally planning my garden in my head all winter!

  3. these are great things to look forward to.
    wish you a wonderful spring time! :)

  4. Happy spring to you my dear! Definitely looking forward to spending time outside: dinners, weekends, picnics, working out. So excited!

    1. Ouu picnics!! Picnics are a must!

  5. Ah, happy list, makes me smile when I read em. Happy spring to you! We don't have 4 seasons here, so yeah..

    1. Ahh, sometimes I am jealous of the "nice weather year round" people. But the first few days of nice, sunny, warm weather after a cold winter are sooo refreshing! It's a great feeling!


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