Friday, December 30, 2011

Tis the Season!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2011.  Um, whoa.  When did that happen?

Anyway, we had a great Christmas.  Lots of parties, lots of family & friends, lots of food comas, and lots of running around.  On the 23rd, Brett and I hosted a family Christmas party at our new house for my side of the family.  We jam-packed about 20 people into our house to celebrate the holiday.  I'd say it was a success!  We were so busy entertaining that I forgot to take any photos.  Except for this one...

That's the veggie Christmas wreath I made!  I'm very proud of it... I felt very 'Martha Stewart'.

On Christmas Eve, we spent the day hanging out at my parent's house.  We played games, had a great dinner, and relaxed.  Oh, we also put together about 50 luminary candle bags for the front of their house.  Pretty outcome!

When we got home that night, Brett and I exchanged our gifts!  We always exchange gifts with each other on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day because we have too many people to see and too many places to go on actual Christmas day.  Exchanging on Christmas Eve lets us relax and spend some time alone together.  We went easy on the gift giving for each other this year since we just bought our house (along with a brand new washer/dryer and dishwasher...).  Here's Brett's gifts all wrapped up by the tree!

The meaning behind all the "this" tags is because there was a common theme for all his gifts.  I got him a bunch of mountain biking accessories like biking socks and sweatbands and also a bottle of Stone Brewery's Arrogant Bastard beer.  And then the big box was a Stone Brewery mountain biking jersey that he had been eying up when we went to the brewery in California in September.  See the connection??  I know, I'm clever.  If there's two things my husband loves (besides ME of course!), it's beer and mountain biking.  So I think he enjoyed these gifts.  Right, BABE?!

We also watched "Elf" on Christmas Eve after exchanging gifts.  But we only made it about 15 minutes into the movie before we both passed out on the couch...

Christmas morning was spent at my parent's house with my parents and siblings (and Riley).  I always love how my Mom decorates their house.  It's so Christmasy!  The stockings have been growing in number over the last couple years... and I like it that way!

We got Lee & Jess headlamps for Christmas and they LOVE them!  And Yes, their dog Riley is wearing his Christmas sweater.

After spending Christmas morning with my family, we headed up to Erie to spend some time with Brett's family.  With two little nephews in the mix, it makes Christmas time and opening gifts so much more fun.  Everything excites them.  I didn't take many photos while there, but I snap these two of little Andrew.  Is he not the cutest thing ever?!

Cue heart melting... NOW.  I love this picture of Brett and Andrew.  So cute!  We stayed in Erie until Tuesday, then headed back to Pittsburgh because I had to work Wednesday through Friday... Boooo.  We also got to see Alan (Brett's Best Man from our wedding) for a brief couple hours Tuesday night when we got home, which was a pleasant surprise.  

And this is what's getting me through these couple days of work (while it seems like everyone else has the whole week off!)...

Tomorrow we are heading down to Lee & Jess's to spend New Years Eve at a huge party downtown in DC with Third Eye Blind and 5,000 of my closest friends!  I can't wait!!  Recap to follow...

Happy New Year!!*


  1. what a beautiful christmas!! you are clearly surrounded by so much love! also, i'm quite impressed by the veggie wreath, martha's got nothing on you :)

    Happy New Year! Look forward to what 2012 brings you!!

  2. HAHA yes I love the jersey. Interesting fact, the snowman toy Andrew is holding was made about 30 years ago by his great grandfather. He smashed it into pieces seconds after this picture was taken.

  3. love that veggie christmas wreath! aweosme!

  4. Love the pictures! Keep on sharing friend :0


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