Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lately my life has been consumed by 'new homeowner tasks'... hence my random & sporadic absences from the blogging world.  Ever since we officially got the keys to our new house, we have been going & going nonstop.  Packing and cleaning and moving and unpacking and organizing.  And then all the random home projects.  Installing overhead lights, painting kitchen cabinets, making & putting up shelves, breaking down a billion empty boxes so we can throw them out, and the list goes on and on.  All this while still managing to fit in normal things like working, eating, and sleeping.  It's a little overwhelming, but we are having fun with it!  It's such an exciting time!

So since I don't have time to blog everyday,
here is my photo attempt at filling you in on my life recently...

Row 1:
Packing fuel in the form of cinnamon rolls
Moving out of this old house & into our very own home!
A lovely bag my Mom got me last Christmas that I just found
Obsessing over Panera's adorable holiday coffee cups

Row 2:
Eating dinner on the floor of our new empty house on the night we got the keys
Fudge covered ice cream cones for dessert
Pretty morning sunrises
Loving this gold nail polish for the holiday season

Row 3:
Our new kitchen island that we are obsessed with
Indulging in the usual: pizza & beer at Market District
Drinking my first peppermint mocha of the season
Our first home cooked meal in our new kitchen
(and eating it on the island since we have no light in the dining room yet)

Row 4:
My cutesy little nephews on Thanksgiving in Erie
Organizing all of my Toms Shoes in our new house
Cooking dinner at 11pm because we have no other time to
And last but not least, cooking dinner by headlamp...
because Brett was installing a light & had to shut off the power - awesome

So that about sums up my life lately...
Random, but I'm enjoying it!


  1. sounds like good times! glad you guys are getting moved in!

  2. that all sounds very overwhelming but also like great fun :)

  3. this looks awesome and reminds me of what life was like before kids. it was great then but somehow even better now.


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