Friday, October 10, 2014

Boy or Girl?

This is the question that has been running through our minds for the past 20 weeks... and finally, this weekend, we will know the answer!  We are having our families over on Sunday for a gender reveal party and I am so excited.  I've been having fun crafting all week in preparation for the big day. :)

We had our ultrasound almost two weeks ago and had the doctor write the gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.  This envelope has been sitting in our house (out of sight, out of mind... yeah right!) for the past two weeks slowly eating away at our curiosity.  My mom is having one of her friends prepare the reveal so we (and our families) will all find out the big news together at the same time!

People have been asking us if we are hoping for a boy or a girl more and to be completely honest, both Brett and I couldn't care less.  Once you are pregnant and start reading about all the crazy things that can happen to your baby, the whole 'desired gender' thing goes right out the window.  All we want is a happy and healthy baby, no matter what the gender!  Though I will say that we both have this weird feeling that it is a girl.  I've been having dreams that it's a girl and I just get this strong intuition that it's a girl.  I really have no idea why!

But on Sunday, we will know for sure!!  Ahh, let's make these next two days fly by, okay?! :) :)


  1. That's so exciting! I'm expecting my first baby in two weeks and we decided not to find out the gender--it's making me crazy not knowing! Have fun at your reveal!

    1. How exciting!! You have a lot more patients than me... I could barely wait until now, let alone until February!!


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