Friday, August 15, 2014

Woodstock, New York! {New England Vacation}

Welcome to Woodstock!

Our last stop of vacation before heading home was Woodstock, New York!  We were so excited to visit Woodstock again.  We stopped here once before about 7 years ago while we were on a little road trip right after we graduated college (whoa, that was 7 years ago... #old) and we had been meaning to come back ever since.  And we finally did!

I love this little town...

And Levon Helm too ;)
(if you don't know who he is, then we can't be friends...)

We stayed in this little cabin in the woods that was only a short walk into town...

We spent a lot of time just wandering around town, checking out all the artwork and little shops...
(and I got an awesome new purse in one of those little shops that I loooove!)

We also happened to stumble upon a bar that had live music
and oh my goodness, this band was sooo good!

And definitely one of the highlights of our entire trip... visiting THE BIG PINK!!!!!  In this house, The Band (one of my all time favorite bands) recorded their amazing album Music from Big Pink.  Words cannot describe how awesome it was to stand in front of this house.  We were in giddy music fan heaven.

FYI, here's a reference pic to the Big Pink on the album...
(still looks the same for the most part!)

What a great ending to a really great vacation!

And when we arrived home late that evening, we were greeted with all of this awesomeness
that my mom left for us (well, mainly for Brett's birthday)!  These are the perks of letting your mom know your garage door code... ;)  Oh, and her math is a little off... Brett turned 30 not 50! Hahaha :) 

And thus concludes my recap posts from our wonderful New England Vacation!

Now, where to go next... ;)


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