Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maine Part 1 - Portland! {New England Vacation}

Once we left Portsmouth, it was time to head to Maine!  We only had about an hour drive to Portland (where we were staying), so we decided to drive along the coast and take our time getting there.  There were so many beautiful places to stop!

Along the coast of Maine...

Stumbled upon a lighthouse!
Nubble Light...

And while staying in Portland, there was so much to see and do.  We were there for 4 nights and did so much in that amount of time.  We explored nearby islands and towns (separate posts coming for those!), visited a famous lighthouse, wandered around the cute little downtown area, and indulged in plenty of delicious eats and drinks!

Portland Head Light...

Scenes from around town...

So many delicious foods, restaurants, breweries, and treats!

What a great town!  We had a lot of fun in Portland, especially with all of their delicious restaurants.  We stayed at the Inn at St. John, which was a cute little historic victorian bed and breakfast.  They had great rates and a delicious breakfast spread every morning (along with fresh cookies all day long!).  It was a bit outside of the downtown area, but we had no problem driving down each day.  I'd definitely recommend these accommodations!  (Though, be ready to hike up 3 flights of stairs to your room because there is no elevator!)  :)

Up next: Peaks Island!
(Where we spent Brett's 30th birthday!)


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