Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Happy July 1st!!*

I cannot believe it is already July and 2014 is half over.  Insanity.  I feel like I've been counting down to July ever since the beginning of the year because I knew we'd finally be moving back into our house and I just couldn't wait.  But now that it is here and we have officially moved back HOME, all I want is for time to slooooow down.  I need this sweet summertime to last and we've got so many awesome things happening during this glorious season!

Great things are happening in July...

...finally being back in our HOME
...our 5 year engagement anniversary (yup, I celebrate it!)
...the 4th of July holiday
...a weekend at Edinboro Lake
...Yonder Mountain String Band / Railroad Earth concert
...Brett's big 30th birthday
...a nice long (much needed) 10 day vacation
... and summer weather, summer weather, summer weather!

It's going to be a great month!
I heart SUMMER!!*


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