Monday, April 21, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend -- Blue Ridge Mountains Preview

Our awesome cabin / Conquering mountains

Devil's Backbone Brewing Co. / Starr Hill Brewery

Friends, sunsets, and Blue Mountain Brewery / Ice cream with a view

Live music, trail runs, lakeside reading, sunset hikes, beers at amazing breweries, awesome views from mountain tops, mid-trail lunches, games at Starr Hill, wandering Charlottesville while eating slices of pizza, late night burgers, music playing out of a 'siren' in Lee & Jess' car, sunset cornhole, eating half a dozen donuts in the entry way of Harris Teeter on Easter morning, free admission to national parks, cruising along Skyline Drive, delicious mexican on the patio of a great restaurant, and so many laughs with friends!

We had the best time on our Blue Ridge Mountains vacation!  There were plenty of hikes, brewery visits, good eats, fresh air, and fun with friends.  I love this area so much!  More photos from our mountain getaway to come!*


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