Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Things Friday

{Trees from a camping trip at Big Bear Lake last summer in honor of Arbor Day today!}

1.  This hilarious article...
I laughed out loud at a lot of these, so true!

2.  These reads...
I read each of these and really recommend checking them out.

3.  This Calvin & Hobbes tribute...
My most favorite comic ever!

4.  These free hugs...
Love this!

5.  This girl & her post...
I swear, this girl is my soul sister.
Always taking the words right out of my mouth.
Thank you, Beth!!

Happy weekend!*


  1. Aww - you are a doll! I so desperately wish we could get together for a hike, beer ( or 3 ) and camping trip! Big, big hugs and loves to you sweetie!


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