Friday, July 16, 2010

dan & breanne's wedding

so i compeltely forgot to blog about our friends' wedding!
4th of july weekend, brett & i were in our good friends' dan & breanne's wedding!
it was a blast!
the weather was perfect
and everyone had so much fun
we are so happy for you guys!

{the newlyweds - breanne & dan}

{first dance}

{brett & i dancing}

{our bridal party outfits!}

{at the end of the night, things got a little interesting...}

{i have no idea where we even found this manican!}

{they broke her...}

{dan & breanne's car the morning after the wedding}

so from the entire day of events,
somehow i only manage to take a couple pictures of actual wedding stuff...
the rest (like 20 photos) are of people with the naked manican!
needless to say, it was a great day!

congrats to dan & breanne!
(who just got back from their honeymoon in cape cod... ou la la!)

next up, US! :) :)


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