Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy july!

happy july!*
i cannot believe it's already july!
~now it officially feels like summer~

funny though, because it was the chilliest morning today out of all the mornings in june
go figure!

things i'm looking forward to in july:

*dan & breanne's wedding
*brett's 26th birthday
*my bachelorette party
*gov't mule concert
*a few days off work
*hair appointment
*sun, sun, sun
*counting down the days to my wedding!

it's gonna be a good month :)

what are you looking forward to in july??

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  1. I'm so excited to hear you're from Pittsburgh! In the blogger world that's like right down the street! Haha... :) You have a lot going on in July!! When is your wedding?

    I'm looking forward to relaxing in the Dominican Republic for a few days and then seeing my sister who is coming to stay with me from NC.


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