Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Virgin Mocktails & Tons of Baby Clothes!

...scenes from the weekend...

Tasty snacks & virgin mocktails
(Brett makes me the best non-alcoholic drinks so I don't miss beer & wine tooo much ;) )

Sorting through all of the little babe's clothes
(he has so many already and they are all SO cute!)

Relaxing with some inspirational reading
(I'm absorbing as much knowledge as I can at this point!)

Time is flying fast these days!  I'm 34 weeks (soon to be 35 weeks) pregnant and my due date is right around the corner!  My mother-in-law threw me a 2nd baby shower this past weekend (which I totally forgot to take any pictures of) and now we have almost everything we need for the little babe's arrival.  Sorting through everything and organizing the nursery is getting me so excited for this baby boy to join our family!  Only a few more weeks to go... ahh! =)


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