Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

...scenes from the nice long holiday weekend...

We spent Thanksgiving Thursday in Erie with the in-laws, then made our way home to Pittsburgh for a second Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday (at our house!) with my family!  And now I cannot eat anymore turkey for a long long time. ;)

Brett ran the Turkey Trot 10k on Thanksgiving morning at Presque Isle along the lake!
(He came in 10th place overall!  Go Babe!)
Then we feasted on our 1st Thanksgiving dinner of the weekend.

And when we made our way back to Pittsburgh, it was time for Thanksgiving #2!
Brett made an awesome beer brined turkey and my parents brought me a whole
growler of my favorite ginger ale from Hitchhiker Brewing Co!

My family also has a yearly crazy gift exchange on Thanksgiving
and this year's theme was crazy hats!
I'd say it was a success :)

And on Sunday, the last day of the long weekend, we took care of some baby business!
Baby gear researching, baby registering, and a nice little walk on the trail thrown in there, too :)

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend
and now I say, bring on the Christmas music!!!


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