Monday, December 22, 2014

A Mario Hat for Our Tree!

...scenes from the weekend...

Christmas donuts & coffee in my Santa mug... tis the season!

Brett brought me home the prettiest Christmas poinsettia!

Got this in the mail... the invitation to my baby shower!!
My mom and little sister designed it and it is the CUTEST things I've ever seen!!

Brett thought it would be funny to have a photo shoot ON my baby bump haha :)

We bought the little guy some "Christmas presents"...
just couldn't resist!  How cute are baby clothes!!

Got most of our wrapping done this weekend!

My mom and Brita came over Sunday night for dinner and brought this Mario hat!
(Our baby's nickname is "Mario" haha so it's the perfect addition to our tree!)

Only a few more days until Christmas and the holiday craziness begins!
(but who am I kidding, the craziness has been in full force for a while now...)
Happy Holidays!*


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