Wednesday, February 28, 2018

California 2017 - The Beaches!

Well, hello!  It's been a while...

I tend to let this little blog of mine get pushed to the side these days because life with a toddler is CRAZY.  But I do love this little blog of mine, mainly because I personally love looking back at it.  Which is what always motivates me to come back... I want to be able to look back on all our amazing adventures and cherish them.  I've been blogging here since 2009!  Can you believe it?  I've been documenting our life (on and off) for almost 10 years on this little blog, so why stop now!

Anyway, it's tough keeping up with a blog when you have a toddler running around, but I want to make a point to at least document some of our big adventures.  Like our trip to California in September 2017.  We stayed in San Clemente for a week and had the best time!  We are heading back to our beloved Cali in April of this year, so what better time to recap our fun times from last year!

So, without further ado, here are some of my most favorite snapshots from our trip - first up, the beaches!

Elijah LOVES the beach!  And it's a good thing because we do too.
Up next, the sunsets!


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