Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our Last Weekend as a Family of Two?!

...scenes from the weekend...

Chocolate chip pancakes while it blizzards outside

More screen printing!
(I am so obsessed with how the Hobbes ones turned out!)

I also screen printed this little gift for my mom's birthday!

And on Sunday, the whole fam went out to lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday!

This weekend was a good one.  On Saturday night, Brett and I went all out and had a really great date night, including dinner at the delicious Salt of the Earth restaurant (which I forgot to take any pictures of!).  We figured, this could be our last weekend as a family of 2, so we might as well go out to a fancy restaurant that we probably won't be visiting for a while once the little babe arrives!  And now we are just waiting waiting waiting for baby boy to make his debut.  My official due date is FRIDAY and we just can't wait any longer to meet this little guy! 

Come on, baby boy!
We are sooooo ready for you!*


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