Monday, November 24, 2014

New Cars & Jogger Strollers

...scenes from the weekend...

Friday night pizza & game night!
(we're kind of obsessed with 'Ticket to Ride'...)

On Saturday, we sold Brett's Honda civic!
It was sad to see it go - lots of great memories with this car!

But it was on to bigger and newer things!
We bought a 2015 Subaru Forester!

And the sales guy even gave us a cute bear for the little babe :)

There she is!  We're in love with it already!
Pictured outside of Babies R Us on Sunday haha ;)

Where we finally started our registry!
Testing out baby stuff with an engineer is a hilarious event - 
everything gets the full run down, including running through the aisles with the jogger strollers :)

And then we made our way over to my parent's house for Sunday night dinner!

What a great and productive weekend!
And happy 3 day workweek!
Bring on the turkey!*


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