Friday, October 8, 2010

a love story

once upon a time
(yesterday, october 7th)
there was this girl
and she was really excited
because it was her & her husband's
2 month wedding anniversary
(we really like to celebrate the little things)

she was upstairs getting ready for their date
when her husband came home
and brought her these:

and she got even more excited...
(because little things really excite me)

and off they went on their little date...
first to dinner at bangkok balcony
for delicious pumpkin soup

and tasty chicken pineapple cashew thai

oh, and a bottle of wine

then they ventured over to blue dust bar
for some tastey brews...
the selection was overwhelming

the girl opted for the southern tier pumking beer
(that came with cinnamon sugar on the rim!)

while the boy had various selections of
saison de buff by dogfish head, stone, and victory breweries

and it was the happiest perfect day for this girl
because she got to spend it with this boy...

the end.
:) :)


  1. SO SWEET! Love that you guys celebrate the little things because after all, it's the little things that matter :)

    Your flowers are gorgeous, and your beer looks really yummy!

  2. ooooh, I'm green with envy! What a lovely way to celebrate! And happy 2 months!

  3. Thanks so much guys!! It was a great day :)


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