Monday, March 5, 2018

Elijah is 3!

Well, we have a THREE year old!  Elijah's birthday was last Thursday and we've been celebrating all weekend!  We had a blast surprising him in the morning with decorations and gifts, then played all morning long with his new toys.  We spent the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese (which was hilarious - haven't been there in probably over 20 years!) and Elijah had so much fun - he loves games!  We finished the day with ice cream and candles and singing happy birthday at home!

On Saturday, we had Elijah's birthday party with family and friends - 'Cars' themed!  Elijah loves the Cars movies (and all types of cars really...) and had so much fun with everyone.  (Check out the amazing cake my mom made!)  It was such a great day - Elijah is so loved!

Now excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep because I can't believe my baby is THREE!


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